Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Mogul of Beverly Hills (Part the Second)

I know! We didn't expect us to get to the second part so quickly, either! It's a banner day!

When last we left you, we were chatting with BFF Paul Maldonado, he of Maldonado Dynasty and the Mogul cigar.

Here are more awesome answers from a really cool dude with a fantastic premium cigar:
Q: What do you like best about the cigar community? 

Paul: I enjoy everything about it.  It all comes down to friendships and sharing moments in time; sharing good laughs and sometimes even passing on some wisdom.  It really is our exclusive sub-culture.

What do you wish someone had told you when you started smoking cigars?

You’re going to own your brand one day.

What piece of advice do you have for new smokers?

Don’t worry about what others are smoking or anybody who makes you feel like a neophyte, they all started out at the same place too.  Feel free to try as many cigars as you want until you find what really resonates with you.  And don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, asking the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing at a shop - after all, we all made the same mistakes.  Enjoy your cigar, treasure the moment.

What is the one thing you've seen a cigar smoker do that has made you want to scream?

I saw a cigar smoker - actually, quite a few cigar smokers - thoroughly enjoy their Moguls — that made me want to scream - inside - with joy.

How long did it take for you to come up with the Mogul blend? Can you tell us about the tobacco selection process?

Coming up with the blend took a long time actually.  As with everything else I     do, I like to take my time to create something Extraordinary that will surpass the test of time.  And I definitely wanted to set the tone with our premier cigar, so it was imperative that I focus on a blend that captured the essence of a Powerful individual with dynamic characteristics: a Mogul.

The most important part of the tobacco selection process was my desire to have a Brazilian wrapper for my first cigar.  I was not going to budge on that, despite the best efforts of the old factory to introduce me to other wrappers, I knew The Mogul was going to have a Brazilian wrapper and that was it.  After that, it was looking into tobaccos that complimented the wrapper with some balanced sweetness, spice, and a very smooth finish.

What made you decide to enter into the cigar world as a creator?

It all began when I took a break from directing music videos and commercials.  I was looking to find out what else I wanted to do with life and I decided to travel abroad to search for that answer.  As it turns out, the idea for our company logo and having cigars under the brand, came to me in that journey.  It just made sense to me and it looks like it was the right choice.  The rest is history.

What's your favorite beverage pairing with the Mogul?

Champagne.  This is such a non-traditional answer but I always recommend to people that they try this pairing.  I will usually go with coffee or a cognac but I prefer a Rosé with my Mogul.  I have to warn people, it’s an acquired taste but such an exotic experience that’s worth trying.

What is your fondest cigar-smoking memory?

I think I was 23 or something and my m.o. became having a cigar in my hand, especially when I spent my summers abroad.  I remember one summer, my much younger brother was spending time with me on his school break and I recall asking him to hold my cigar while I went inside.  When I came back out, he was by the pool sitting back with a stylish pose, holding my cigar in his hand with a ‘cool look’ on his face.  I had to stop and take it in for a minute (laughing to myself) and I realized he was imitating me.  It was very funny to see; it’s not every day that you’re given a reflection of yourself and can witness the admiration a brother has for his older brother

If you haven't checked out the website or the cigars yet, you must. Go ahead.  We'll still be here when you get back! And tell Paul we said "Hi!" 

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