Friday, May 29, 2015

That's what friends are for...inciting shenanigans

I just realized SuperFriend and La Flor Dominicana rep John Gallogly wants my head to explode. I suspect he will giggle like a schoolgirl when that happens.

Let me back up.  A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with John at Habanos and he was being his usual generous self, sharing his wares with the people. He handed me a cigar labeled only with LFD N.A.S. and said, "I want this to be the first cigar you smoke."

I'm an innocent babe in the woods--or babe with the words, haha--and trusting beyond belief. But I didn't like that extra sparkle in his eyes. So I did what any writer-girl would do. I researched.


That stands for Nasty Ass Shit.

Today at the Broadway Cigars LFD event, as John made the rounds, he set this in front of me:

You son of a...
Yeah. Another (5 1/2 x 42, give or take) N.A.S.

Using my feminine wiles, I convinced Valentino he should smoke it.

Had John not been the devil who gave it to me, I never would have thought this cheroot (smaller, open perfecto rolled without molds and open on both sides) an LFD, as it lacks the perfect body of a traditional LFD cigar. In fact, Cigar Coop said it "easily looks like a cigar that could be smoked in a spaghetti western."

The other difference is the tobacco:  Dominican pelo de oro ligero, a strand of tobacco outlawed in Cuba--and if something's outlawed in Cuba, you know it's worth checking out. This outlaw, however, is in the cigar doghouse because it likes whipping up some blue mold, just for fun.

And this baby is allll ligero--wrapper and filler. What about the binder? you ask. Ain't got one, I answer.
So Valentino lit the N.A.S. It didn't make his head explode, but it did punch him in the face with what Cigar Coop called "a spice bomb."
He set it down for a bit, with the promise to get back to it, right after he cooled down his palate with the LFD L-Granu, which the company says, "This 64 x 6 Ligero was kicked up a notch from the standard blend of Dominican filler & binder and also features a higher priming Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. We guarantee the Ligero smoking experience you’ve come to know & love in this new, much larger format!"
Valentino seems much more at peace with this monster than he did with the little bastard, although he keeps giving it the stink-eye, accompanied by the threat to relight soon...

I just told him some reviewers have reported a sweetness in the N.A.S. After all these years, I know when he doesn't believe me--and this is one of those times.

Oh, he'll find out soon enough. He won't abandon a cigar, especially an LFD. Your time is coming, little buddy. Very very soon.

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