Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cigar Lounge Manners: Leave your cigs in the car, please

Two words: Cigar. Lounge.

Not cigarette lounge.

They're looking down on you
 because you're lighting up a cigarette in a cigar lounge

Here's the difference:

Premium cigars are hand-rolled tobacco leaves. The end. The smells and smoke are natural by-products of the leaves--just leaves. And those smells vary, based on where the plant was grown, where on the plant the leaves come from, and how long those leaves are fermented.  The end. Again.

Cigarettes are, according to the American Lung Association, a mixture of 600 ingredients that create 7,200 chemicals, 69 of which are carcinogens. When you bring your cigarettes in and light up, you're forcing the patrons to inhale those chemicals--just like if you smoked anywhere else.

Additionally, the cigar culture is based on calmness and reflection, with cigars taking up to 90 minutes to smoke. Those cigarettes? There's no time for reflection. Your goal is to get as much nicotine into your system as soon and as quickly as possible; you certainly don't look relaxed--more frantic than anything else. If you come in and chain smoke cigarettes, you're literally doing the cigar lounge wrong.

No. Literally.

Smoke and smokers are not created equally.

Know why?
Because he knows better than to smoke cigs at the cigar lounge.
If you're heading to the cigar lounge with some pals, leave the cigs in the car and purchase a cigar. If you aren't sure what you'll like, ask the lounge attendant/humidor manager for a suggestion. (Be sure to tell him/her you are a cig smoker; this will affect his/her recommendation.) Trust us: There's something for everyone.

Now give that cigar an open-minded shot--but remember that lighting and smoking a cigar comes with its own set of rules. Watch others or ask for assistance. But that's a blog post for another day...

Relaxxxedddddd... Well, as relaxed as you can be on Archer.

NOTE: If you don't love Archer one billion percent, then we can't be friends anymore. Sorry!

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