Saturday, June 27, 2015

July Cigar of the Month: Perdomo! (Thanks, Two Guys Smoke Shop for the story)

First and foremost,
Congratulations to Miguel and Jon, pals from the Twitter,
who were chosen by the almighty Rafflecopter
and will soon receive a bunch of goodies from us and Ashton Cigars!
(And yes, we said we'd have something for a random commenter.
We're working on that! Don't worry!)

Second and secondmost,
You're going to have to read the story to find the link to the contest.
Bwah hahahaha!

Did you know this is the 12th monthly giveaway? Did you know that means we've been forcing our words upon you for a year? You're welcome. Or: We're sorry.

One of my all-time best friends Jack (also known as J. North Conway), recently signed a deal for some Hollywood-types to make his book Queen of Thieves into a television series.

Jack's most recent book.
Jack's also a fan of Perdomo Cigars, so I thought it apropos we bundle his book with some of his favorite cigars:
The four cigars on the right came from a Perdomo event
held at Cigars International in Hamburg, PA before CigarFest.
The other one, I swiped from the humidor when Valentino wasn't looking!

This match-made-in-delicious-cigar-smoke is also very very serendipitous, as a couple of weeks ago we headed to New Hampshire for a Perdomo, Pistols, and Pizza event, organized by David Garafolo, head honcho of Two Guys Smoke Shop.

I know we've chatted about how awesome and gracious Nick Perdomo and his family are, but I'm going to repeat it and you can't stop me: Nick Perdomo and his family are some of the most kind and gracious people on the planet.

So even though we were literally* out of our element, being in a different state and all,** he and David and Barry Stein (Hi Barry!) made us feel super welcome. We'd wanted to actually go to the sponsoring shop, but the day got away from us and we went running running running to be there in time. That means we're going to have make another trip north. Oh, the things we do for you in the name of research and semi-truth*** in reporting.

[Pretend there's a really cool video here highlighting the event. I tried and tried and couldn't upload it and then decided it was causing more stress than I could handle. So I moved on with my life. Of course that means you don't get to see the video. Sorry!]

And then we shot things on a shooting range. (Yes, we brought part of our arsenal to shoot as well.) And then had pizza. Soooo...awesome day!

(L to R) Perdomo Rep Roy Kirby,
Two Guys Smoke Shop Owner David Garafalo,
and Man of the Hour Nick Perdomo.
[photo swiped from David's Facebook page]
For realz, Two Guys Smoke Shop has tons of fantastic events. Before you go check them out, though, enter this month's contest: a Rafflecopter giveaway

You'll be glad you did! <---Because then we'll be internet BFFs.

And check out Jack's other books, one of which has been optioned (to be made into a movie) by Jeremy Renner. You'll be glad you did! <---Because then we'll be book BFFs.

Oh Archer, why must you be so awesome?

**Although technically we were about 15 minutes from the state line.

***Look, I write fiction (that's the made-up one, not the true one). Anything for a good story (which is why I decided to stop writing for an actual newspaper--back in the day when truth was key to reporting).


  1. Congratulations to my friend Miguel and JD on the Ashton win, some fine cigars indeed! Perdomo is a constant in my humidor. some fine smokes there too.

  2. I missed out on winning the last giveaway, hope I win this one. I love me some Perdomo Patriarchs.

  3. Big congrats to Miguel & JD! Never had a Perdoma. Maybe I can win this & try several!

  4. Congrats Miguel & JD...lets win this.

  5. Thanks for the great blogs and contests. Good Luck all.

  6. Congrats to Miguel & JD, thanks for another contest!

  7. Awesome giveaway yet again. Keep up the great blog posts and stories, love hearing them. #thecrew #thosewhoknow

  8. Thanks for another giveaway Penny! #thecrew

  9. Thanks for yet another giveaway!! #thecrew

  10. While I was away at Cigarnival Nick Perdomo did the after hours party at Famous. Let me just say this man knows how to put on a party!!!!! Plus he's a great guy. Thanks for another giveaway LOTLB #thecrew

  11. The twitter part of the contest has not refreshed since I first entered the contest.Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Apparently im supposed to hit SAVE after I make changes? When did this rule start? Isn't the Internet just supposed to know what I want?

      Let me know if it works now. :)

    2. Also, why did autocorrect decide to not turn im into I'm like it's supposed to? I think the internet is mad at me.

    3. Yup, mine's not refreshing either Mark!!

    4. Check it again tomorrow, please. Maybe because I changed it today, you have to wait until then for another shot. I just entered and tweeted and it said for me to come back tomorrow for another chance.

      I hope I win!! :)

  12. I just tried the tweet a message and it worked for me. I'd done it yesterday as an experiment. Did you anger the internet? :) Maybe you need to do that thing with deleting cookies? Or maybe just eating cookies will help?

  13. thank you Penny for all the chances to win cigars, the blog is great you do a great job, keep them coming.

  14. "You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake, well, this could be it, sweetheart."

  15. Happy 4th of July to all my BOTL/SOTL. Make it a good one!

  16. Love the 12th Anniversary and 20th Anniversary Perdomos

  17. Thanks for the contest.. hope you are going to be in NO this weekend..

    1. Hi! Yes! We're coming in on Friday! Will's looking forward to meeting Mr. Bill!


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