Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 things about...Women Cigar Smokers

Why should you encourage your lady to love the leaf?

Our SuperFriend Nathalie!

I informally surveyed my cigar pals about what makes women who smoke cigars so awesome. (Not really a survey. I got them drunk and demanded answers before returning their lighters.)

5.”You get to double your cigar stuff!” Yeah, having extra humidor space could save the day. Looking to try a new cigar? Look! A humidor filled with new-to-you cigars right…there…

4. Brag about her to your friends. Those guys bitch that their wives hate them going out to smoke and coming home “stinking.” Then in strolls your lovely partner who sits down, kisses you, and lights a premium cigar correctly. You hear a “You lucky bastard” or two.

3. Buying birthday, anniversary, Christmas gifts is a cinch.
Your buddies circle the mall, declaring they won’t buy anything from the jewelry store.  As these poor guys close in on gift-giving day, they weep openly and slide their credit cards under the jewelry store security gate as the store manager tries to close up shop.

But you. You are one lucky SOB. You purchase a high-end monogrammed cutter and lighter. Or a new humidor. Or a box of her favorite cigars. Or or or. Your choices? Limitless.

2. Spend time with your best friend and cigar lounge pals. No leaving her behind as you go out!  No suffering through something she likes! She’s not accompanying you to something she hates!

You’re going out together, hanging with mutual friends with a shared interest. No asking permission to attend a weekend cigar festival. You go together and have a blast!

Do you have to go out together all the time? Gosh no. But you CAN. And that makes all the difference in the world.
The number one reason?

1.      “It’s sexy as fuck,” said every single guy “surveyed.”  Their reasoning:
  • Wishful thinking, where the cigar isn’t just a cigar. (Sorry Dr. Freud.)
  • A woman cigar smoker exudes power, is more in command; apparently guys like that.
  •  She obviously needs relaxation and reflection time, a natural by-product of cigar smoking. 
  • When in the company of cigar-smoking women, they don’t have to hold up a forced conversation.
  •  Plus the whole wishful (hopeful) thinking thing.

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