Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where we will be: Hint--Alec Bradley is involved*

Q: What’s black and white and…a smokin’ good time (and not just because we'll be there)?

A: The Alec Bradley Black and White event at Habanos Cigar Lounge on Thursday, June 18, from 6:00-11:00 p.m.
We’re going to make this as clear as possible—no gray areas!

Join Alec Bradley’s New England Regional Territory Manager and our SuperFriend Drinnan Thornton at Habanos Cigar Lounge as he showcases some of the company’s best cigars.
This is also an opportunity to find the perfect Alec Bradley smoke for you. We're already in love with the Black Market, Nica Puro, and Coyol, among others, so definitely try those. Oh jeez. You're going to need to get there super early in order to try all these cigars. Or...I guess you could purchase some also... That would work! Or both! Yes! Try AND buy! That's for sure what we'll be doing!

As an aside, we finally came across the Coyol petit lancero the other day and may or may not have purchased a few. That skinny mofo is ass-kicking awesome, made with a Honduran wrapper, and the binder and filler coming from Nicaragua and Honduras, albeit from a variety of regions. When I went to get the cigar for photoshoot time, wherein I hope the result's not too blurry, this little bastard was making off with it.

Last AB petit lancero in the humidor, little buddy.
Not a chance you're leaving the humidified box with it.
Not. A. Chance.
The petit lancero's small ring size brings smoke's focus to the binder rather than the filler. So even though you're smoking an already-favorite, the experience will be much different--and magically delicious. If that size isn't available at the Habanos event, be sure to ask Drinnan where to lay your mitts (or wings) on some, because as much as we like you, we're not giving you ours.

Drinnan's fabulous and he'll help match what you like to an Alec Bradley product similar in strength and blend. Or even better, try something completely different than you’re used to—it could become your new favorite!

At the Habanos event on the 18th, we're going to get 40% off all Alec Bradley box purchases! Know what? We'll put in a good word for you and let you have the discount as well! (We know a guy who can help you out.)

During the event, we're to dress in black and white (or black or white would work too, I guess) and we've earned a raffle ticket! Just for getting dressed! Talk about incentive! We're definitely going to get dressed for this shin-dig! Guaranteed, Valentino will be decked out in black and white. I may or may not--depends on whether I feel like conforming. Although a raffle ticket...

Photo by me.
I know! Shocking! It's pretty good!

What’s the raffle for? Apparently, tons and tons of prizes! (Tons as figured by an English major, not a metric ton.) At this nanosecond, we have no idea what the prizes could be, although we suspect Valentino will be a favorite to win. Yes, he's one of those guys, who wins tons and tons of stuff! Actual tons of stuff, as calculated by people who know how to do math.)

In case you didn't know, the makers of the much-loved Black Market cigar (get it?), Alec Bradley is a world-class boutique producer synonymous with quality and accessibility and focused on one goal: to give the cigar smoker an unforgettable experience. We guarantee you’ll long-remember the joy the Alec Bradley cigars bring you--especially if you smoke them with us, as we are completely fab!

Got it? Because from here, it’s as clear as black and white.

One of my all-time fave pics:
(L to R) Drinnan, Caballero #2, our hero

Since you have your calendar out, and you're probably looking for other opportunities to spend with us, make a note of these upcoming Habanos events. (We'll let you know about other events too, as soon as our schedule is solidified.):

July 9: My Father Cigars

  July 23: Oliva dinner 

 August 6: Miami Cigar Company

*But neither Alec nor Bradley. Just the cigar company. You know Alec and Bradley are the names of Alec Bradley company owner Alan Rubin's boys, right? Now you know!

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  1. The Black Market has been a rotation smoke for a long time now. I was impressed with the Coyol Petit Lancero but I have not seen a huge following for this line.


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