Saturday, June 27, 2015

Evil Genius in the HOUSE! (Except not ALL houses--yet!)

I'd like to say the meeting happened accidentally, but if you've ever met Valentino, you know accidents like that rarely happen.

During The Great Psyko Tasting, SuperFriend Karl  (Hi Karl!) just happened to mention Alex Hirsch, president of Evil Genius Cigars, would hang at Broadway Cigars the next morning--which you know is one of our homes away from home. Karl said we should go if we wanted to meet him.
By the way, Broadway Cigars
now carries Evil Genius cigars. Yay!

Now you know we can't pass up meeting someone fab, plus a trip to Broadway* is always a treat. The only thing holding us up? Morning. I move slowly on a good day.  You know how when you're stuck in traffic and barely moving? That's the every morning in a nutshell.** Just i...n...c...h...i...n...g my way toward productivity (hopefully).

But I rallied, thanks to the promise of blueberry pancakes!***

You. Guys. Alex is so awesome. Not only was he kind and funny and giving, he also handled the antics of this little bastard with aplomb:

Oh Will...

And speaking of giving, Alex opened his magical valise, revealing not potions and concoctions, but instead a number of black- and white-banded cigars.  These cigars (below) came our way, thanks to his generosity. (Also, Alex, thanks for not turning us into toads or anything.)

If you must know, another Evil Genius cigar--the Black Chapel torpedo (6.25 x 52)--may or may not have accidentally gone up in smoke--very slowly, as a good cigar should. Actually, we'd say a darned good cigar with a rum barrel-aged Brazilian maduro wrapper, Ecuadorean corojo binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru.  Plus, it's gorgeous, so there's that going for it.

Now you'd think, Why would you start with the stronger one--doesn't the black band say, "Hey, I'm stronger than my white-banded kin over there." You'd think so, but they truly are evil geniuses over there, toying with our expectations, and making the guy in the metaphorical white hat living in the  White Chapel the stronger (bad--but still delish) guy.

That White Chapel is a full-bodied MF,**** a powerhouse consisting of Habano wrapper, sun-grown Ecuadorean Sumatra binder, and three different ligero and a seco tobaccos as filler.  Give that a shot and you'll see just how evil those geniuses are. ::shakes fist at geniuses, evil and otherwise::

The other day, we were where we always are (Habanos) and a guy came in and asked if they carried Evil Genius cigars. (They don't, hint hint.)

Alex, you've got folks requesting them, so whatever you're doing, keep it up! (We'll try to keep Will out of your path. By the way, he wants to know if you received his application for the above job posting. Apparently, he's hoping to move up the ranks quickly, so prepare yourself.)


*Cigars, but Theater District Broadway is also always a treat.

**Does anyone actually put stuff IN nutshells? It's a weird cliche, but I'm sticking with it.

***If you ever need to get me somewhere early, blueberry pancakes is a good motivator, as is MILK chocolate chip pancakes. (There's no room in my heart for semi-sweet chocolate. Life's too short.)

****And when I say MF, I mean MF.

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  1. I got one of these this past weekend along with a sticker. I'll have to give a try.


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