Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still timely, thanks to the deflated balls fiasco, which keeps the SuperBowl in the news six months later

You know how I'm always a little behind because I get distracted by air and Hostess snack cakes? Someone cranked the procrastination up to 11 for this one!

We're not here to talk about the SuperBowl, which bandied on in the background as I started this blog post. Hahaha.*  I'd say no one even remembers what happened during the game (except maybe a couple of commercials), but yeah. This year's. We all know how it ended, with an entire Patriots Nation up-in-arms and a slew of giddy comedians imagining all the "ball" jokes they'd get to make.

Most memorable part of this year's Big Game for us? This La Flor Dominicana collection of beauties:

Wait for it...

And Boom! as our favorite LFDer and SuperFriend likes to say.
(Hi John!)

Whaaa? I KNOW!

Naturally, it all starts with Facebook, as so many things do. A post popped up, revealing these 5 3/4 x 60  babies, only available in Arizona. I started looking up flights and participating shops. 
But damn if Caballero #2 isn't the fastest cigar purchaser in the west. East, actually. While I fiddled around trying to find a flight not bogged down by the 76 feet of snow accumulated thus far, he got on the phone and called Arizona.** A few moments later, he sent me a message: He'd purchased a box for our hero.***
Of course upon their quick pre-game arrival, Valentino didn't want to open them and ruin the full box of ten.****  "Then I will only have nine," he whimpered. But we did open them, thanks to me making promises I might not be able to fulfill. He, sadly yet happily, set one aflame.
The other LFD-Jon in our lives, VP of Sales Jon Carney, said, in an interview with, "[T]he cigar will be an entirely new blend that uses an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican filler" and is based on an idea from Baxter’s Cigars in Phoenix.
The caballeros. Caballeri?

“The cigar is a celebration of football,” Carney said. I say it's a celebration of awesomeness, just like the entire stable of LFD cigars.
About the cigar: "This is fucking good."
(The photograph, not so much.)

"Well?" I asked, fingers poised over the laptop, as if I would actually write a timely blogpost and not be lured away by the delicious foods passed around Habanos as part of the big (game) event.

After declaring the cigar a winner, with no accusations later about deflated balls, those two gazed lovingly at the damn cigars with every puff.***** (You can read a full review by not me here.)

About that empty promise I made? Naturally, he remembered. I hit the internet again, beginning a new quest for things to light on fire.****** Found 'em at Fine Ash Cigars, owned by my from-that-point-on best friend Sam Lopez and his lovely bride Rosie.

Bought a box.

Felt content.

He smoked a couple more.

Oh you gorgeous thing.
And then I panicked. With four left from that original box, they'd soon be gone and, as I have not only met Valentino but know him better than anyone on the planet, he'd never open and smoke the backup box.
I crossed my fingers, began an oft-used mantra that generally accompanies cigar searches, "Please still have some. Please still have some," uncrossed my fingers so I could type, and travelled back to Sam's site.
And then there were two--one for my main caballero and one for the humidor.
As I type this in June, I worry about that other box getting low. ::types "LFD football edition" into search engine::
To again quote our pal, Boom! Found them! Of course I just told you my secret to finding hard-to-find cigars. Dummy.
I'll race you there--because the alternative, rewriting a portion of this blog post, would mean you wouldn't see it until the next SuperBowl.
Just hope that shiny Ring Ding package over there slows me down.
Photo from LFD, which explains is loveliness.
*Self-imposed goals/targets are stupid. So are deadlines.
**Not the whole state.
***Keeping track of the gifts these two give each other is becoming a full-time job. (Applications now being accepted.)
****As you may recall, or maybe not because I forgot to tell you, when I purchase cigars (sticks or boxes), I generally get one for each Caballero and one for the humidor.
*****Damn you, Litto Gomez (kidding! Love you!), for making that happen. Those looks are generally reserved for me!
******I can't help it, since my boy grew up in the 90s, but every time someone mentions football, my brain sees and hears this:
A million life bonus points if you know the show.

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