Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dagnabbit! Also, Happy birthday!

If my birthday weren't on a major international/universal holiday,* I'd forget it.**

While we were at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) trade show this past weekend,  I realized about a year had passed since I started  this blog. I vowed to check our start date. And then I forgot, because New Orleans is so hot your (my) brain turns (turned) to grits.***

So 305 posts later and 22 days late, happy birthday, little blog. 

Pretty much me, daily

*Christmas, bitches. I am quite the holiday treat. Best gift my parents ever received.****

**A lie, but also a great (and somewhat clich├ęd) lead line.

***Which are not delicious, by the way. Although at a breakfast during the show, we saw a sign that said "Artisinal Grits." This is NOT a thing. The very nature of grits--and the word "grits" for that matter--is the complete and total opposite of anything artisanal. This is your brain in New Orleans. Any questions?
****In other news, my newest obsession is what I'd like to do on my 50th birthday in 17 months--which is also 17 cigar giveaways from now. Things I know I won't be doing: getting a free meal at pretty much any restaurant that advertises free meals on your birthday and having everyone focus on me and nothing else. (Dammit, Jesus; it's my birthday too. Quit hogging the limelight.)

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