Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You're going to love the Love of the Leaf loot!

Sometimes you just want a super comfy t-shirt, preferably emblazoned with your favorite blog's logo.

Supercool logo, yes?

We did too. So we created them.

We are by no means design or marketing geniuses; however, we feel pretty smug about our super cool logo so we’re splashing over anything and everything we can! Click on the pictures to travel through the internet and land squarely on the product shown! Women’s and men’s shirts available!



But then sometimes you're a bit chilly and you need something warmer. We're ready for that too!

You're welcome.
Go get yourself one! Or two! Get one for everyone you know! (Thank you!)


  1. hay kool looking logo. like it!!

  2. Thanks for the contest...... Looking damn good.


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