Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's not a circus; it's a Cigarnival!

You already know how much I dig...
...and not just because they take my word collections and share them with the world, although that doesn't hurt.

Here's some new stuff on iROBUSTO, this time about Cigarnival, the massive shindig hosted by Famous Smoke this past weekend.* Consider me the ghost writer of these pieces--and no, not because I don't have a tan yet this summer and am ghostly white.**

Anyway, check out these five stories, below. All photos blatantly swiped from iROBUSTO.

"The Biker Chef: Big Swole"
"Consuelo Gomez Rolling at Cigarnival"
"Legend Cigars with John Starks"
"Perdomo Wins Shirt Battle"
"Alec Bradley American Classic Garage"
I'm going to start saving now*** so we can whoop it up next year with Caballero #2, a regular at this event.

*I KNOW I haven't gotten around to writing about May's CigarFest yet, although here's a video:

Anyway, stop  pressuring me. I'll get to it. Remember how a few weeks ago I wrote about the LFD football cigars and the SuperBowl? So yes. Plenty of time.

**And by tan, I mean a collection of freckles getting together giving the illusion of an actual tan. Let's just refer to that bit of crazy as my Irish tan, okay?


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