Thursday, July 16, 2015

5 things about... Cigar Selfies or: The 5 things comes home!*

You’ve seen no less than one million cigar selfies.** Some are fantastic; some not so much. If you’ve a penchant for selfie-ing, we think you should probably knock it off. But if you can't help yourself and will die an internet death if you don't get your picture out in the world regularly, these tips can help:


5. Head and camera angles are everything.

Try a profile or a quarter-turn of the head rather than a straight-on shot. This addition increases allure and decreases the “Look at me!” stare generally accompanying a full-face photo. Simultaneously, hold the camera a little above you. This increases your gorgeous factor by 73%.* The reasoning is surely based on physics, spacial relations, or another math-based theory. Plus, it eliminates your double chin.

*Completely fabricated statistic.


4. Where to put your stick.

When precariously perching the cigar in the center of your lips, clenching your teeth to keep it steady, and snapping the photo, you appear to be simultaneously practicing fulcrum dynamics while honing the ever-unpopular duck face.

Hold the cigar, either close to your lips or not, your choice, and smile your natural smile. Don’t attempt to look cool or badass. As in every other aspect of the cigar community, be yourself.  If you truly are cool or a badass, that will sparkle through the smoke.


3. Speaking of smoke…

Smoke part of your cigar before snapping a photo. You’ll be ready for your closeup once you’ve fully committed to the first third.

Please don’t pretend to smoke an uncut or unlit cigar. You’ll look like a poser and squash your credibility. Similarly, if you’ve barely developed an ash, don’t praise the cigar’s magnificence.


·       Why hide behind a cumulonimbus cloud? We know cigars make smoke. The person with the most smoke doesn’t get a prize.

·       Blowing smoke out of your nose makes you resemble an angry bull. Or dragon. If that’s your intention, great! But honestly, you probably want a better picture.


2. Tell us more!

Whether posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., tell us about the cigar you're smoking—brand, size, wrapper, whatever. Or tell us where you are! Or who you’re with! Why is this cigar experience notable enough to share a picture? Make us care rather than giving us another picture to quickly scroll past.
1. Look great in other people’s pictures too!

When checking out another cigar smoker’s pics, DO NOT leave negative comments or accuse the photographer of real or imagined cigar infractions. Remember: one of the best parts of the cigar culture is community and camaraderie. Your offhand negative-sounding comment could ruin someone’s day—even if you just meant to be funny. After all, you wouldn’t want someone to ruin your great smoking memory with snark; don’t do it to someone else.
*The 5 things column originally ran on the iROBUSTO website. You can see all the previous "episodes" here. But we love you and with the launch of the new Love of the Leaf website, we wanted everything all Home, sweet home.
**Remember: If you aren't taking a picture of yourself, you aren't taking a "selfie." You know: selfie as in yourself. Sigh. This makes me cringe everytime I hear someone say, "Let me take a selfie of you!" Um, that's called a picture.


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