Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August Cigar of the Month: My Father Cigars!

First of all...
to Chase, our Perdomo giveaway winner!!


In honor of my dad's birthday in August, we're giving a way one cubic ton (as figured by an English major) of My Father Cigars, specifically the Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ! The top two winners* will receive this:

Surprisingly, photo by me!

A few other folks will receive a handful of the cigars (without the ashtray). You want to know how many? ::shrugs:: As many as the math will allow.

Let's think of them as a Herf in a Box. Invite a couple of pals over and share the bounty!

SuperFriend and My Father Cigars rep Jeremy Soares graciously offered us a bounty of awesome cigars to share with you! (And you know how I loooove sharing other people's stuff!**)

Have you had the Miami-made Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ?*** Dudes, you are going to loooove it if you haven't. And if you have, don't you love it, with its Nicaraguan binder and filler and the Corojo Rosado wrapper?****

Oh, and if you haven't had it, here's a great way for you to potentially lay your hands on some for you and your best cigar pals!*****

And also, Happy Birthday, Dad!
My dad and his BFF Baxter.
Someone is not napping like he is supposed to be.
*As figured by Rafflecopter, not me! I just say, "Oh mighty Rafflecopter, please choose me a winner..."
**But that's between us. Remember: We don't want Valentino to know we raid his humidors when he isn't around!
***The first J from the Series JJ? That would be Jose, Garcia family patriarch. The second? That would be his son Jaime.
****Rhetorical question. How can you NOT love it? (That's another rhetorical question.)
*****Technically, you're not required to share them, and we'll never know if you do or not, but wouldn't that be super fun?


  1. Keep trying to win! always a good read to be found here!

  2. Keep trying to win! always a good read to be found here!

  3. Congrats to Chase, and a very Happy birthday to your dad!!!

  4. would love to try the DPG JJ.....winning one would be great too!

  5. I've been smoking these for years, great smoke. I can always use more and of course JJ4JJ this ones for J. Cruz. Love you brother.

  6. Thank you so much, and happy birthday to your father!

  7. Congratulations to my brother Chase on the Perdomo win. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Sweet, sweet giveaway this month. I have never smoked the JJ.

  8. happy belated birthday to your father! thanks very much for the contest!

  9. Some broken links to both the Shuttlecock and the Will the Travel Owl Facebook pages...

  10. Great giveaway and happy birthday to your dad, my birthday is also in August. It's a great month.

  11. My favorite place to smoke is just in my garage. Me, my thoughts, and my cigar.

  12. Be sure to enter this Love of the Leaf 'My Father Cigars Herf in a Box' giveaway, Bill!


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